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Combining technical knowledge with design expertise, we create products that are creative and professional.  We assist our customers to the best of what they request within their budget.  We offer certain fashion techniques such as foil, glitter, metallic ink and silicone ink for sport and swim wear as an option for all projects.

Our Services

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the most versatile garment decoration/embellishment.  Screen printing has been widely used for graphic t-shirts and many other textiles.  There are many of the techniques can be used like foil, glitter, puff, metallic ink and etc.  Recommend for casual uniform, team sports, event, promotional, fashion, party, reunion, fund-raising and more.


Embroidery is one of the classiest embellishment.  By using thread and stitch up the design, it gives the garments and accessories a better look.  It is the most durable embellishment in its class. Embroidery is recommended for golf shirt, sales and executive uniform,  caps & bennies, fashion, monogram or custom name, school and institutional uniform, and much more.

Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment (DTG) or called digital garment printing is have been on the market for the past serval years.  In the recent years, the technology is getting more mature and cheaper.  DTG simply is a large format printer direct print on the garment.  Ink is good for 100% cotton fabric content.  Some of the blend fabric content can be printed on, but the color might not be as brilliant.  DTG is recommended for complex and multiple color design.  Because there is no setup or preproduction involve, it is the best choice for with low quantity run even in a single unit.

Heat Transfer

There are many types of heat transfer products available in the market.  We offer 2 types of heat transfer products: Plastisol ink transfer and vinyl transfer.  Plastisol ink transfer is similar to screen printing.  Instead of directly print on the garment, it is printed on transfer paper, then applied an adhesive coating the top (reverse side).  These printed paper then can be applied to a heat press on the garment later on.   The main advantage of this heat transfer is inventory the transfer design and apply to any shirt and later on.

Vinyl transfer is using the textile vinyl sheet or roll and cut with a computerize cutter then applied with a heat press to the garment.  The pro is there is no setup involved.  However, it is not good for dedicated design with high details.  It is mostly used for the custom name, numbering for team wear, short-run fashion application or many others.

Relabel & Packing

We offer heat transfer label service.  If you are looking to relabel you tee shirts or else.  We can help you to remove the existing label (sew-on label) and heat transfer your label to the garment.  Also, we provide packing service such as tagging, folding and bagging.  Please contact us for more information.

Custom Made

Sports & Team

Need sports uniform, team wear or performance shirt for yourself.  You come to the right place to start.  We carry many of sports items for you to choose from.  No matter you are in budget or you want fully custom-made shirts.  We are here for you.  Contact us and get a free quote today


Have you wondered how to make your company look professional? Did you know a simple uniform will increase your reputation as well as your employee morale?  Relatively your customers will be willing to pay you more because they will trust you.  Branding with a uniform is one of the basic tactics you can implement.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money, all you need is a simple screen printed t-shirt with your logo or company name on it.  At, we understand don’t have time to figure out the art and design part,  Don’t worry, our team will help you to make your uniform look good. Call us today!!

Schools & institutes

One of the most challenge task for PTA, clubs and non-profit organization is fundraising.  We know today people have raised their expectations and pay more attention to what to spend.  We believed people always like better-looking stuff.  At Core garment solution, we understand the psychology part and we work around with our client idea to make the best out their budget.  Let us help you!!


No matter you have a concert to give away the t-shirts or having a Bat/Bar Mitzvah Celebration, wedding party or sweet 16.  We have over 10 years helping our clients to customize their event needs.  Our design team has been worked with party branding for over 8 years.  We know the important about “Making it happen”.  Give us a call and we will be happy to make your next event awesome.


Our company is 20 minutes away from New York City; the heart of Fashion District.  We have been working with our fashion clients from sampling to productions for years.  Quality and workmanship are our primary focus to make sure the works are done right.  We also work with a lot of street brands and start up brands. Helping them to achieve with their limited resources.  Give us a call for a free estimation today.

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  • Next Level cotton fashion tee
  • Your choice of gold or silver foil
  • One color only
  • 12 units minimum order

Embroidery Snapback

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  • Next Level cotton fashion tee
  • Your choice of gold or silver foil
  • One color only
  • 12 units minimum order


  • J. America - Sport Lace Hooded Pullover T-Shirt
  • Custom name across the back up to 6 letters
  • Available color: black, white, royal, navy, red
  • no minimum


$5each and up
$5each and up
  • Cool hologram durable vinyl
  • Gold, silver, black, red available
  • Price base on design size and complexity
  • no minimum