How to order?

There are couple ways to order from us:

  1. Our online designer app (Please click shop)
  2. Call us at (201)840-1183
  3. Email your request to info@core2print.com

What is the turn around time?

Our Turn-around typical 7-10 business for standard order. Peak season like May- Sept might be 10-14 days turn around time. We will give you a approxmate day on deliver time once we recieved your order. Standard order — 1- 3 color below 150 unit in 1-2 location

What is the artwork requirement?

Please note that the better your artwork, the better the outcome will be.  Here are our artwork requirements.

For screen printing and DTG –

Raster artwork (Photoshop, TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP formats) are recommended at 300 dpi in actual size.  The minimum resolution we accepted is 150 dpi.  However, the print will come up choppy and fuzzy.  Vector artwork (Illustrator, PDF, EPS or CorelDraw) is a scalableformat, it will not affect with resolution.  Only you have to aware of is if there is bitmap file (Raster file) in the file, please make sure the image(s) is embedded or send along with the vector file.  Also to make sure outline all your fonts.

Maximum print size for screen printing is 17″ x 20″ and 12″ x 16″ for DTG.

For Embroidery –

Embroidery is a different process.  We take your artwork and trace it with our embroidery software. In this case, “resolution” is not an issue.  As long as the image is large enough to see all the details.

What file formats can I send to you?

We accept all formats compatiable with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in latest version. Typcially format such as Ai, PSD, TIF, BMP, JEPG (high res), PNG (high res), PDF (Some PDF file create by non-graphical appliction might not work). Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Paint is not recommend. Please export file to above prefer format if you are using other graphic program such as CorelDraw, Painter ,Quark Express, or Adobe InDesign. 200 DPI minimun resolution in actual size for raster base file. Outline all font and embed all bitmap element in files in vector file. File size over 5MB in size please use DROPBOX, Google Drive or wetransfer share file with us.

What are the shipping method?

UPS is our primary carrier. Fedex and USPS are available. USPS is mainly used for the single item or DTG order.  Messanger service is also available for New York City and New Jersey area for bulk order to help our customers lower the cost or expedite the delivery.

Sales Tax

Printing and embroidery services are taxable in New Jersey States law. If you bring your own garments to us for imprint or embellishment, NJ Sales tax will be collected unless you are reseller provide us with a resale certificate. If you are purchasing the wearable from us with custom imprint or embellishment. There will be tax exempted.

Return policy

Due to 99% of our services and products are custom-made, in order to return any products to us.  Please provide the reason and proof of the problem with pictures.If the product you received is defective or different than the order you have approved.  We will try our best to accommodate you. Please call or contact us about the problem before returning anything to us.

What is the setup charge?

Setup charge is also called “screen charge”. Some people misunderstand that it is a physical screen we made they can take it at the end of the job.  That’s why we have no longer called it screen charge. Basically, it is a fee for compensating the preparation process:

  1. simple artwork process & color separation.
  2. Preparing the screen (coating screens and burn stencil on screen)
  3. Mixing colors
  4. Setup on the press
  5. Wash and clean the screen after the job is done

What is the Combination Deals different?

We designed the Combo Deal to be easier customizing on multiple items.  Our online design and other company like customink.com, an order can only be placed with the same print on one style/color of an apparel at the time.  In this case, it will increase the cost and frustration in the order process.  Our program gives our customers the flexibility to order any of the 5 styles of apparels (t-shirt, long sleeve tee, sweatshirt, pullover hoodie and zip-up hoodie).  We restricted some criteria to help the order process easier.  If you are looking for other choices of apparel or more color to print.  Please contact us.  We are happy to assist you.

How do I get pricing for embroidery?

Embroidery price is based on stitch count.  Stitch count is base on size and complexity to determine how much time it needs to produce the embroidery.  For any new artwork, a process called “digitizing” need to be performed in order to convert the artwork to an embroidery machine-readable format.  There will be a one-time fee for the digitizing.  Please send us the artwork with the approximate dimension and the quantity,  We will get back to you with the estimation.

What is punching or digitizing?

“Digitizing” is a term for converting artwork to an embroidery digital format that instructs and commends the embroidery machine to perform the sewing with the X & Y coordination.  Convert artwork to stitch format is not a simple task even for today technology.  Artwork needs to be scanned or imported to the computer and the digitizer will trace the artwork by using different stitch techniques to complete the task.  That’s why there is a fee.  The biggest or more complexity of the design, the longer tracing it will take; the digitizing price will be relatively higher.   Digitizing also called “punching” in the old day because they used to punch holes on a roll of paper tape (like the music box) to record the X & Y coordination.

I have some item I'm looking for and I don't see the product on your website

If you don’t see the item list on our website, you can contact us. We only list item that we are certainly can provdie the best to our customer at the best price and consistent. There are many products we don’t list on our website. Plesae contact us for item you don’t see and we will try our best to help you to find what you need.

Can you screen print or embroidery on my own garments?

Yes, we can for only screen printing, embroidery and heat transfer.  For DTG, we don’t accept any customer’s shirt due to technical consistency.   Before you send your item, we must know the fabric content and value of the garment.  We do not accept any expensive garment. If fabric content is unknown, we will need to test the material before we accept the job.  Please make sure you give us an order before you sending the good to us. Please indicate your order name or purchase order # on the box or on the shipping label in the PO section with a packing list enclosed in the package. We are not responsible for any unauthorized shipment to our facility and not responsible for any discrepancy without any proof. We are trying our best to our customer if there is any problem with the shipping item.

What is "Flash charge"

Flash charge is a fee for compensating the extra process printing on color goods.  White underlayment must be printed under in order the color print right.  Some of the traditional print shops still charge flash charge about 2%-5% of the print charge.  Core2print charge as an extra charge instead of “Flash charge”.


Drop us a line if you can’t find your answer, we are happy to assist you